Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new blog!

after crying about my picture-less blog (boohoo) and completely avoiding it for the last week, i just decided to make a new one! click on the photo and head on over!
\new blog announcement!

Monday, September 26, 2011

winner winner chicken dinner!

well folks, it looks like we have a winner!!
send me an email eryka (alexa dot zurcher at gmail dotcom) and i'll get you your map!

for those of you who would still like a map, 
they'll be up on my etsy shop next week!

Friday, September 23, 2011

i hate google +

signed up for it yesterday and it took all my picasa albums and put them on my profile.

i really didn’t want all those photos on my profile, so i deleted them off google +.

however, i was unaware that when you delete it off your profile,

it deletes it off of picasa too.

which just happens to be linked to blogger.

two years of pictures are now deleted off my blog.

i think i’ll go cry now.

curse you google +!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

awkward/awesome thursdays.




-having a rudolph the red nose reindeer nose. thank you giant zit. i feel like i’m twelve again.

-not knowing what name to write on my papers. some classes know that i’m alexa zurcher, others my maiden name. in church i’m sister zurcher, to the bank ms. call. one day i should probably change them all and figure it out. seriously, i’m having an identity crisis!

-did i mention that i was four days late last month? yes, four whole days. we may have been freaking out wondering if any zurchlings were in the very near future. but alas, we still have plenty of time till cute little chubbers come our way. whew.

-sulking in iggy’s watching the game, and being surrounded by drunk, happy utes fans. perhaps it wasn’t awkward, but more disappointing for blue and white fans like us.



-whole day of classes cancelled? yes please. that will always be awesome.

-buying my history paper and writing the analysis the day before the due date. then returning the book of course. yay for being a dedicated student.

-having leftover pizza and hot dogs for dinner……for a whole week! ok, maybe it’s not so awesome. husband pretends it is awesome, just to make me feel better about not being the sterotypical food-on-the-table-when-hubs-walks-in-the-door-the-house-is-always-clean-and-never-have-to-wash-the-laundry-five-times-when-it-gets-left-in-the-washer wifey wife.

-but to make up for that, i have dinner cookin in the kitchen. woo!

-husband’s playing his guitar right now. hot.

-caramels, candy corn, and pumpkins are here! welcome fall :)


{p.s. remember tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveway!}

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy happy birthday spency dear!

 22231_1323428652716_1440849700_30891864_8178921_n  22231_1323428972724_1440849700_30891871_3752906_n 22231_1323429412735_1440849700_30891880_8174738_n (1) 29440_10150202886000354_668735353_12806236_1299050_n22231_1323430252756_1440849700_30891901_1336236_n    33516_10150245169305354_668735353_14055469_5914_n 39804_10150251319945354_668735353_14225382_5965827_n 208658_10150575167720354_668735353_18277434_5235173_n198641_10150757965270354_668735353_20262045_6685887_n   263881_10150678638905354_668735353_19353721_3774576_n img330_thumb[4]262947_10150757885785354_668735353_20261082_6885857_n
happy happy birthday  little brother! i can’t believe how grown up you are! i remember when we used to throw our corn across the table (that one didn’t end very well), or when we would sneak outside to play in the mud (that one didn’t end well either).  And then onto when we were a bit older and we would sneak outside at midnight to jump in the rain puddles. Thanks for being my partner in crime! Can’t believe you’re seventeen and almost a foot taller than me now! Love ya bro!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

give oh give away :)

because i’m feeling quite generous today, i’ve decided to offer you, my lovely, faithful readers, a giveaway. i was feeling oh so crafty this week and came up with this little adventure map. the map is in an 8x10 frame and includes plenty of pins to track all your wonderful adventures (click on picture to enlarge). something about this time of year, always puts me in the traveling mood. (perhaps its all the school work i just want to get away from…)
you can enter this giveaway a grand total of 4 times. woohoo! all you have to do is:

1: leave a comment. any comment will do!
2: become a follower of my blog and comment.
3: become a follower of my photography blog, and leave yet another comment on this post.
and 4: if you’re feeling really ambitious, blog about this giveaway and leave the link!

the winner will be announced next friday. happy commenting to you!