Sunday, February 21, 2010

my girl lulu.

tonight. after twister in town square.
25 main cupcakes. maybe a cop or two.
and scootering down the parking garage.
{the ONLY parking garage in this little itty bitty town}
i decided i should probably get some beauty sleep
{since i need all i can get}

so, in my pajamas i dove into bed,
snuggled up in my covers.
enjoyed the pitter patter of the rain outside.

i fell instantly asleep.

then, all too soon. i heard my name being called. frantically.


was it morning already?
was i seriously going to be late for church {again}

um no.

in fact. i had only been asleep for about 20 minutes.

my dear dad rushed into my room.
apparently, he saw someone doing some "decorating" to my car.
toliet paper to be exact. {seriously, so creative. never seen that one before}
however, the "vandailzer" had rushed away
upon seeing some lights flicker in the house.

but i was not about to let him get away.
anyone messing with
poor little Lulu has to mess with me.

determined to catch this man
{i just assumed it was a man.
men aren't very creative/smart when it comes to this
whole car decorating/vandalism thing}
i shoved on my boots, tugged at my beanie
and out the door i went to inspect the damage.

{p.s. soggy toliet paper is disgusting}

however, upon looking at every angle of my car.
i happened to spot another car. up the street. parked.
a car that did not belong in this neck of the woods.
but a car i surely recognized.

a blue mustang.

ooooh. was he dead meat. with a war cry i yelled
tyson tanner you are so dead!

{yes, that's all the comeback i could muster at 2 am. but hey, i just woke up}

despite the fact that i couldn't think of any mean, terrifying threats,
i did think of some type of ammo.


yes, i don't think i've ever run to the fridge so fast.
i flew out the door and up the street.

"don't you ever {throw egg}
mess with my car {hurl another egg}
again {chuck another egg as he drives off and i run
down the street shaking my fists in my unmatching pajamatic attire}"

seriously, Lulu is so lucky.
what other owner would defend her and
chase her worst enemy down
the street in the middle of the night?

that's love i tell you.

p.s. thanks daddy for helping me clean up the mess.

p.s.s. in case you were all wondering. i'll be sure to return the favor back to
blue mustang boy. soon. anyone willing to participate and thank him for
his thoughtfulness are sure welcome to tag along.


Kenzie Jane said...

I'm 100% in!!!

Amy said...

ha. he messed with the wrong car. and by the way, i positively LOVE your blog. It is so you, so fun, creative and amazing! I love you! Thanks for being the sunshine in our lives. You are SO easy to LOVE!!! Love ya forever Lex!!

larajanepark said...

fabulous Lex! You ARE the sunshine in our lives....we can feel it all the way in CA, and we tell everybody about your goings on..."Lex did this, Lex is such the artist, we got this idea from Lex"
I love you so much.