Sunday, October 24, 2010

splish splash.

after enduring three hours of chastity lessons in church today, (yes, three)

there was only one way to spend the rest of the afternoon:
eating, sleeping, and puddle jumping.

rainy days with a sprinkle of hot cocoa are definitely my favorite kind of sundays. :)


Amy said...

Last night I was hoping for an update!! Happy to see that you girls are having fun. Miss and love ya!
xoxoxoxo mama

Berkley Anne Sumner said...

Oh my gosh sooooooo cute pics!!! love this. Rain is so fun, but its starting to get too cold to play in it! looks like a lot of fun :)

meg. said...

you are absolutely adorable.

Danieletta Moyes said...

i love your boots! so cute!

Sarah Michelle Moultrie said...

k seriously you are so cute!! and where did you find those adorable rain boots???? I am in love with them!