Friday, February 4, 2011


i had sushi for a second time this week.
i'm becoming a cultured woman.

i need to remember to fold my laundry when it comes out of the dryer,
not four days later. it's just sitting in a pile in my room, all wrinkly. yuck.

i really don't want to leave my warm blanket and get ready for school.
i propose three day weekends every week.

my institute teacher is quite hilarious. the other day he told us: "when creating husgands god promised that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world..........then he made the world round." haha.

some kid at school was wearing rollerblades.
i don't understand why anyone would rollerblade
in this ice and cold.
you'd literally turn into a popsicle,
and probably break every bone in your body.

speaking of the cold, i hate it.
i really would rather stay in bed all day with soup.
but instead, we're heading down to st. george this weekend
for some nice sixty degrees and sunshine.
(funny how i used to think sixty degrees was cold!)
9 hours and counting.

here's to a happy weekend!

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alhall. said...

Oh my goodness. STG? I am green with jealous rage right now.