Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the help

b and i saw the help last weekend. after reading and rereading the book, i was worried that the movie wouldn't be as good. i was wrong. the movie was absolutely incredible, even b enjoyed it! i'm pretty sure that we'll be back a few more times to see it, before it hits our shelf.


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larajanepark said...

I loved the book and the movie too. W took us 3 girls to see the movie when it first came out and it was fun to see it with him as he grew up in the south. Their farm was filled with "Help" and his Abileen was Emmaline. He loved her dearly and had many many stories to tell us. It's great to get the perspective of someone who has grown up in a time where there were separate entrances for blacks and whites- a concept that seems like it could only live in books....
glad you and b enjoyed it too. It was a great book! xoxox aunt lara

Kaylie Photography said...

I hadn't heard of it! Now my family wants to see it:)

Amy said...

I agree! Sometimes after I read a book and then see the movie I am sorely disappointed because of the changes they made in the movie or how the movie makers just couldn't get the idea that was in my head of how it should be. But this movie was amazing. Every character, every house, everything about the movie was exactly how I had pictured it in my head. I loved it. Even more, I love the darling picture you made....that has to be one of the best parts of the movie. Thanks so much for sharing your talent! Love you both so much! Can't wait to see your smiling faces in TWO MORE DAYS!!! Yea for partying it up this weekend!! Loves to you and B. xoxoxox mama

Lexi. said...

i looooove this movie.
with my entire heart.

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

I really want to see the movie, but I want to read the book first. So hopefully I'll get a copy soon. I've heard so much about it!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

How adorable are you & your honey!? And what a great blog too. Are you selling this printable? I'd like to frame it for my book club friends.

Warmly, Michelle

Janell Louise said...

I was worried that the movie wouldn't be as good too but it WAS! I was kind of disappointed they left some parts out but then I realized that the movie would've been waaaayyyy longer if they'd added them in. My husband even like it :) Glad you enjoyed it too!

KarenB said...

My daughter and I have been saying this to each other all weekend! Love it! You have to say it with the accent.

Kelli Diane said...

I just saw this too...SO good! I loved this saying that she always told the little girl!

Me & My 2 Randys said...

I love this! Almost as much as I did the book... Did you make this image? I would love to frame this in my little gals room. Please let me know! Thanks :)

WhiteTrashMom said...

Would you be willing to make this a printable? It would be so pretty in a white frame.

Lundholm Fam said...

loved the book, have yet to see the movie. is there anyway you could make this a printable? I would love it! Thanks

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